The aim of the Yackandandah Kindergarten After Kinder Care (AKC) Program is to provide a high- quality education and care program which meets the recreational, social and developmental needs of 4yo children within the kindergarten’s community.                                                                                 

THE PROGRAM IS OFFERED TO 4YO CHILDREN and aims to provide children with the opportunity to interact and co-operate in a safe environment with their peers and to provide a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere in which children can participate in activities relevant to their needs/interests.


The Program objectives and strategies can be found in the ‘Yackandandah Kindergarten Policy Folder’.  Various policies are referred to within this handbook; however, parents/guardians are invited to view the Policy Document for a complete listing of the Policies pertaining to the operation of the Kinder and its programs.  Copies of our Policy Documents are available from the Kinder Office.

                                        Session Times, Availability & Fees

                                                                  Monday, Tuesday & Thursday afternoons – 4.00pm – 6.00pm at a cost of $13.50 per

                                                                  session.   NoteA maximum of 22 places are available per day session.


                                        Booking in for After Kinder Care

                                                                  Booking enrolment forms are available from the Yackandandah Kinder Office and should be 

                                                                  completed and returned to the office as soon as possible. Details of your booking dates will be

                                                                  forwarded to the Yackandandah Primary School Business Manager for fee statement issue.

Permanent Bookings are positions guaranteed in After Kinder Care on a regular basis. Permanent bookings are made on a termly basis at a cost per afternoon session of $13.50 per child. This payment applies, irrespective of whether the full 2 hours of care

[4pm – 6pm] is used in full or in part. Permanent term bookings are paid in advance. As is the practice with term fees, permanent

AKC fees will not be refunded in the case of pupil-free [term] days, public holiday, Code RED Fire Danger Days or non-use of the booked days. Notice of absence on the day/days of booked care is required by 8.00am on the booked care day, so as to allow for

any casual bookings which may be requested.


Permanent Bookings must be advised each term – they do not automatically roll over to the following term. 

Under a permanent booking arrangement, fees are due to be paid per term, in advance to YPS.


Casual bookings are available upon request and will be accepted where there is a vacant position for the day/session.  Advance request of casual bookings is recommended where possible.  Where a casual booking request is made on the day required, there is a possibility that a place may not be available. Casual bookings are subject to a $10 cancellation fee if inadequate notice of cancellation is given ie: advice of cancellation is not received by phone or email by 8.30am.


Under a casual booking arrangement, fees must be paid in cash on the day of the booking; either at the time of drop-off into the normal 4yo Program or upon collection of your child from the AKC.

Payment of After Kinder Care Fees

The cost per afternoon session is $13.50 per child. This payment applies, irrespective of whether the full 2 hours of care [4pm – 6pm] is used in full or in part. Permanent term bookings are paid in advance and will not be refunded in the case of public holiday or non-use of the booked days.


Fees for all permanent booking AKC sessions will be invoiced to the family with their kinder fee statements, as issued by the YPS Business Manager.  Payments   should be made to the Yackandandah Primary School office a term in advance for Permanent Bookings and to the Kindergarten Office for Casual Bookings.  Receipts will be sent home to parents. 

Casual booking fees are to be paid in cash on the day of the session booked.


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